My eldest daughter, Jazmin, was my inspiration for writing the book "Seasons of Mirrors". Many years ago when I first started this book I wanted to share with her my life growing up in the streets of Miami, Fl. After surviving black eyes, busted lips, abortions, child molestation, dating drug dealers and being a drug trafficker, I wanted to steer her away from that life style.

You know I have had so many people ask me "LeShaun, who is your target audience? At first I said everyone and then I began to pray for clarity. I was led to a song I heard on the radio a few months ago that brought me to tears; and from there I was led to Youtube the video for the song, and as I watched it I began to cry all over again. The tears were because I saw the faces of my" target audience". Some will watch the video and say "What the?", but don't judge the man, focus on the message. I saw some of me. Do you see your daughter, sister, cousin, church member, neighbor, or friend? Do you see glimpses of you?

The video below shows my target audience. Women and ladies young and old who think they can't be more than a punching bag, baby making machine, victim of molestation or a stripper. I can go on and on, God is a deliverer and it took me years to know that. God freely loves and freely forgives no matter our past or our present!

                                                                                                         Romans 8:1       


                  "There is now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not  be cutoff. 

                                                                                  - Proverbs 23:18 (NIV)


LeShaun M. Taylor's Seasons of Mirrors


Growing up as a child, rejection played a large role in me having so many emotionally charged and destructive relationships. I carried a spirit of hopelessness and believed that I had to cover up my hurt and pain with fake smiles and laughter. Why? Because I was holding on to a lot of hurt, bitterness, anger and unrealistic expectations of others.

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