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Are You Married to Singleness?

Often times we talk about the awesome pluses to being single.Freedom to come and go as you please, not having to ride an emotional roller coaster and being able to date multiple people with no attachments. With so much divorce, financial strains and infidelity it doesn't even seem worth the effort. Some have determined themselves to be married to singleness. Divorce has become so common place, in the church and out, that our hope, innocence and belief system in love and trust has been damaged.

I heard a wise man say how beautiful it is for a child to keep the hope and excitement for Christmas and Santa Clause alive. It gives them something to look forward to and no matter what, that gleam in their eyes of excitement and joy is priceless. I will say this about being single, enjoy it but don't put a ring on it! Trust that the man or woman in your vision, is on the way to help you with the vision.

So wait and put a ring on them!

Are you married to singleness?- Seasons of Mirrors