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I must be real and admit that I know there will be some shame and much nakedness in presenting this book, but in the end I pray things revealed will be the key to unlocking doors for all who are ready for a journey of deliverance in their mind, emotions and spirit. The mind has the creative ability to make the invisible visible, the unknown known and the misunderstood understandable. You and I have that mind! Lies spoken by family, friends and our greatest adversary, the devil, have convinced us we are not who God says we are. People in your circle may have thought you were crazy, but I am here to say NO you are not. You may have thought that you were alone...NO you are not. I have come to let you know that the struggles you endure are not yours alone. They are shared by many and  I happen to be one who is ready to share my Season of Mirrors, and say it was not circumstances, my family history or bad luck that kept me in bondage, it was ME!!!

Seasons of Mirrors